“I got my proofs back from last weekend's shoot with Andrea and I am already starting to look at my body in a whole new way today.



“I couldn't believe I was looking at myself. The muscles, the smile, the scars, the strength, the attitude, the confidence, the connection... it was all me. I can feel myself falling back in love with me every time I look at these pictures. I am going to make it a point to do more of these shoots because it has been one of the most powerful acts of self-love. I highly encourage you to partake if you haven't already. Andrea is a magician.”



“It took a lot of courage to step out of my comfort zone and do a photo shoot like this but Andrea helped me feel so comfortable. When I first got my photos back, I cried. I almost didn’t recognize myself because I didn’t know I could look THIS GOOD.”



“Andrea’s shoots are incredible, unique opportunities to get a glimpse of yourself as yourself in a way I’ve never experienced. Her process is unique in that she doesn’t push professional hair and makeup on you for an astronomical fee, they’re not five hour extravagant ordeals, and there’s no preset wardrobe to chose from; instead, you have the freedom to select your own outfits and looks (or none at all) that make you feel singularly you and honestly, her gorgeous lighting renders the need for heavy makeup unnecessary if that’s not your thing. Her mission is to capture your “youness” and she does it beautifully, gently guiding you through posing as much as you want and need. If you’ve ever been interested in doing a boudoir shoot to feel sexy, to see yourself in a new way, to take ownership of your body and sexuality, or just for the experience and fun, I can not recommend a session with Andrea enough.”



“To be honest, i think there was never a moment in my life that I thought I am beautiful. However, when Andrea showed me the pictures on her camera during our shoot, I was stunned because the girl in the picture looks just like someone I wish I could be. And that girl, is me. “



“I HIGHLY recommend booking a shoot with Andrea. I booked mine a month or so in advance, and I was nervous about what to wear, how to pose, etc....all the things that anyone would worry about! She sent a whole series of e-mails leading up to the shoot with her authentic and funny advice based on all her experience, and she was super available to answer questions. The process was so smooth, and she made me feel so comfortable and supported. I was even able to relax and have fun! The final images convinced me of my own beauty more than anything ever has. She is doing amazing work to transform the way women see their bodies, and I sorely needed it after a lifetime of negative body image. I don't write reviews often, but she truly deserves this stellar one! Thank you, Andrea!”



“I have been on a path toward self-discovery and acceptance, and I was a little bit afraid of how I'd feel when I saw myself, especially nude. But what I see in the photos you captured was my beautiful skin, my shifting expressions, the lines of my curves, my powerful and sensual body....I see a whole person, a gorgeous woman with many angles and sides and secrets and everything else I find alluring. Thank you for helping me to see myself the way others do. I'll be 35 in July, and I'm feeling close to truly loving myself, including my body.....and you are now a part of that journey.”



“Working with Andrea helped me see myself as I really am. Strong, capable, and beautiful.”



“I can't stop looking at [these images]. It's like knowing someone is sitting next to you on a bus or an airplane - you know they're there, but you couldn't describe them because you haven't looked at them more than out of the corner no your eye. Looking at these images I feel like I'm finally seeing a part of me that I was always aware but had never looked directly at.”



“As women, we are constantly being told how to look, how to act, and how to exist. Body image is something that many women struggle with and after gaining bit of weight I too had  been struggling with my own body acceptance. However, after hearing and reading rave reviews about how supportive Andrea was and how life changing shooting with her is...I knew I wanted to work with her. Her photography gave me the gift of seeing my own body and my own beauty reflected back at me through such an affirming lens. Not only does she produce beautiful photos, she truly helps you to see and experience your own beauty. She will send you encouraging emails with advice leading up to your photoshoot, she will direct you the day of with so much joy and positivity, and she will send you follow up emails with advice on how to view your images with an open and kind heart. I mean what more could you want?! Andrea helped me to feel beautiful in my own skin and I'm so grateful to her for the truly empowering experience she gave me. Andrea seriously, thank you from my whole heart. I needed a little something to fall in love with myself again."



“Oh. My. Gooooosssshhhhh! This is the coolest I have ever been, thank you for making this real.”



“Working with Andrea was my first experience with boudoir photography and I loved it! Andrea made the entire process easy and approachable from beginning to end - from sending prep emails detailing what to think about, what NOT to think about, pose and outfit suggestions, and TONS of encouragement to calming day-of jitters and adjusting every pose to get it just right on camera. She was fun to work with, her turn-around time was incredible (seriously!), and the final photos were breathtaking!



“Thank you Andrea for giving me such a beautiful experience of self love. What you offer through your photography is truly so special.”



“Andrea is such a kind and open person. She makes those of us who have a phobia to being photographed so comfortable so that she captures who you are inside and out. All body types are celebrated and made to feel beautiful. You will be amazed and what she brings out of you and into your photos!”



“Last October Andrea offered up an "alter ego" theme and I have plenty of costumes so I went for it. Altho I had never met her before she acted like we had always been friends. She's cool, she's fun and she's not shy. She will make you feel the same. Each time since then as she's offered up these mini shoots I have taken a spot. It's been fun putting together something and then seeing the end result. You can do anything you want. From professional head shots to your own private kink. She will be on board with any of it and might even be more excited than you are. And it's contagious. She's a gem. I look forward to more pictures with her.”



“Had the most wonderful first-time boudoir shoot with Andrea a few weeks ago. I am blown away by the pictures and how easy she made everything. Would absolutely recommend and can't wait for the next shoot!”



“Andrea is an amazing person to work with. She made you feel like you were part of the process; open to your ideas and your vision while also helping to guide you and make you feel like the sexiest thing on Earth!

She also shows you pictures as you go along. It really boosts your confidence during the shoot and, for me, it helped me start to see myself in a new light. I absolutely loved the experience and would highly recommend her!”



“Andrea has a great eye for the most flattering angles and makes me feel beautiful, confident and powerful all at once.”



“Andrea made me feel like a goddess and totally comfortable doing something I’ve never done before. She is truly talented in her art and I would recommend her a thousand times over.”



“Andrea is a MAGICIAN GODDESS. She immediately made me feel comfortable, had an amazing eye for the types of poses and expressions that would work perfectly, and is just generally a fantastic human. The final images I got from her are incredible despite being so minimally retouched - the lighting is spot on, and the quality of the images makes me feel like a model.”



“I honestly want to make these into a billboard!”



“The moment you meet Andrea she is like a friend you've known forever.  The photo shoot goes by with lots of laughter and fun.  She has a talented eye and captured moments where I looked and felt beautiful. The images are absolutely amazingly, breathtaking and I will treasure these forever. I hope to do another photo shoot soon.”



“Andrea pushed me just a bit to show how alluring I am, but not beyond my comfort zone. All of the pictures made me look gorgeous beyond what I believed I was and made me look at least 10 years younger. She is amazing!”



“Initially, was self conscious to take maternity photos but Andrea made me feel so comfortable. I was able to talk to her about my insecurities and what I wanted from the shoot and she was understanding, reassuring and so kind. The environment for the shoot was perfect, Andrea made me feel beautiful throughout the entire shoot and the photos came out incredible. I had the best experience working with Andrea.”



“I had never done a boudoir photoshoot before, but Andrea made me feel absolutely comfortable and beautiful the whole time. I adore the photos, and I'm so happy to have timeless pictures of myself to look back on and share with my boyfriend! Would absolutely recommend to anyone who wants to feel beautiful.”