Hi, I’m Andrea…

I believe portraits have the power to transform the way we see ourselves.


My aesthetic is simple and stripped down on purpose. I don’t shoot in fancy hotel rooms or with elaborate sets and I don’t assume the women I shoot should/need to/want to be worked over by professional makeup artists and stylists.

My portraits are not about pageantry or production or a full day of “pamper yourself” fanfare. These are short, sweet, high impact experiences meant to crack you open a little bit and help you see yourself in a new way.

When I shoot your portrait I want you to see YOU and I want you to have no excuses about why you look so beautiful/powerful/magnetic in the images we create. You can’t blame the makeup artist or the gorgeous hotel room, and you sure as hell can’t say “oh, I look nothing like that normally”. No, I want you seeing the real you so when you see yourself looking like a goddamn goddess you’ll be forced to admit (with me fist-pumping in the background): It’s because you ARE a goddamn goddess.

Dress up, strip down, be bold, be you. Pick one of your many flavors (trust me, there any many), and come explore with me.